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Common mistakes By novice Sport bettors

common mistakes by novice sport bettors

At Jaysoccertips, we focus on profitability for every game we post to members, but we still see many bettors repeating the same mistake repeatedly. Most times bettors usually end up watching their stake capital dwindle due to a variety of avoidable mistakes.

It’s not enough to make smart bets using  our ebook or your experience, you also need to have grounded money management skills. So without further ado, lets delve into the most common mistakes made by sport bettors.

1) not keeping a consistent stake amount

Money management is the most important discipline for every sport bettor to be successful but still, it’s shocking how many bettors make irresponsible decisions with their bet capital.

We encourage all our subscribers to use one-quarter (25%) of their total allocated capital when staking a ticket, depending on how much the bettor is comfortable with. However many bettors will grow overconfident when they begin to experience consecutive winning streaks and they begin to increase their stake.

Also, some bettors will experience a brief losing streak and begin to either increase their stake in an attempt to get back their original capital or get frustrated and stop betting entirely. When you increase your stake, it only takes a short losing streak before your capital runs dry. That’s why we strongly advice patience and having a long-term outlook.

Risking too much on a single ticket and going outside your laid out capital is one of the main reasons inexperienced bettors go broke.

2) Too many running bet tickets

On every corner of the internet, you’ll find all kinds of bet tickets and loads of games from every source you can think of, many bettors will actually stake any ticket they can get their hands on. This are cases where you see bettors with up to 10 tickets daily. By not sticking to the best tickets and playing fewer tickets a day, you end up mismanaging your capital and watch it go down slowly.

3) Not shopping for the best odds

The bookies are in the business of outperforming their rivals daily which they do by dishing out promotions or better odds, just so you can chose them but i realize that very few people take advantage of that. Most bettors limit themselves to having access to just one bookie. That’s why we recommend having accounts with up to three bookies.

I for one have access to over 5 different bookie. 

By having access to three  or more different bookies, bettors will frequently get to know where the odds are most favorable before staking.

4) Staking without a strategy

When bettors see professionals make accurate predictions and profits from sport betting daily, but then they try to emulate same, its usually a disaster. Reason why its that way is because just like every successful sport team out there, it takes years to build a strong team/strategy before they win major trophies and if they can’t wait that long, they spend money to get success. same applies to sport bet. If you cant build a strategy, buy one.

We’ve attained our level of success through years of experience and development. We never stop learning which is why we keep churning out results while making it look easy, because we have built our strategy over the years.  

To help all bettors make profit, we have taken time to write out a comprehensive 35 page Ebook containing all you ever need to know about our betting strategy and how you can beat the bookies with no experience.

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