everything you Need to Get Started

Over the past years, sports betting popularity especially soccer has soared astronomically and as much as they’re many fans who are eager to start profiting from sports betting, a lot of them don’t know where to start from. Whether dealing with endless touts promising unrealistic winning percentages, figuring out which bookies are trustworthy or simply determining how you can start making profit, all this can be a trying process.

Our eBook contains the best strategy anyone looking to make profit off sport betting and getting the upper hand head-on with the bookmakers. But there is a lot more information that novice bettors need at their disposal before they can begin taking advantage of everything our eBook and subscription has to offer.

To make sure you don’t spend much time reading this, i’ll go straight to listing the requirements and keeping it short.

1. Have Access to Multiple bookies

Ideally we recommend everyone into sports betting to have accounts with up to 3 bookies. Its becomes an advantage when you realize you have a banker game to play but when most bookie may not include your banker to their list for obvious reasons, you’ll likely find another bookie having it rather than miss out or force your hands on something you may regret.

2. Which Bookie Should I Choose?

Find out which books are reliable, offer valuable sign-up bonuses or have convenient cash out policies and most importantly, fast payout usually less than an hour.

3. Consistent Stake

Make sure not to overreact to a winning or losing streaks. Good systems will win in the long haul, so make sure to maintain a consistent stake amount when betting. We advise staking 25% of your capital on each game, depending on how aggressive you are. Resist the urge to increase your stake during a winning streak, until you have earned at most 200% of your capital and you will be one step closer to long term gains.

4. Use Good Live Odds Services For Analysis

We use soccer24 you should as well

5. Be Wary of Fake Tipsters

Many fake will claim unrealistic winning percentages without any proof of their past performance.

At Jaysoccertips, we pride ourselves on our transparency and have posted our record for every season dating back to 2015. Need not say much about where you should be after reading this. Hit us up this moment.

6. Never Bet With Sentiments

Your bets should be based on analysis and not fan support or crowd opinion 

7. Don’t Stake Too Many Ticket

I believe this is self explanatory. You’ll go broke super fast doing that possibly lead to gambling addiction.