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How To Predict First Half Under Goals?

To create winning bets, Match odds on your live score apps can help you predict how football games are likely to play out.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • how your ticket can benefit from knowing match odds and it’s possible outcome? 
  • how to predict under 1.5 goals halftime in football

First, visit any live football score site that displays upcoming matches and Bet365 odds for those matches preferably soccer24 and look for 1.14 odd Home or Away Straight win matches. You mostly find it when the top teams play smaller opponents.

It’s a pretty small odd with seemingly no value to your ticket at first glance but it’s true value is actually a mouth watering odd of 1.60 up to 1.90. I figured this out the hard way since experience is the best teacher.

Teams with 1.14 odd on a good day will play a straight win to the stronger team as final match outcome but our money actually comes from its true meaning (under 1.5 first half goals)

I bet you’re actually knowing this for the first time. Only the bookmakers should be able to tell what these odds mean which is why they spend trillions in dollars just to keep odds updated daily. Every odd you play has its meaning on the bookies record. Knowing a few means you don’t have to do much analysis and you can avoid known bad odds

So regardless who the top team is when you see 1.14 odd, Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG etc. The outcome is likely under 1.5 goals half time 90% of the time. This is because the bookies have hired the resources to observe each team by the seconds from injury, team motivation, head to head down to pitch conditions.

This information put together and their mathematics is how they come up with the match day odds you play. So sit back, have a glass of wine as you take a look at the pictures below  to see proofs or you could watch the video above to see me do it myself. or get my eBook to find more odds like this.

1.14 odd straight win in predicting under 1.5 goals half time


Where does that leave you?

This insights still works till this very day and It’s up to you, if after reading this, you still want to continue with the lies unreliable punters out there feed you or would rather subscribe to our membership plan or purchase this Book containing far more odds and their meaning to change your sport betting fortune.

Remember, there is more actionable insight in this web article than you will ever find reading a dozen book on sports betting.